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Friday 24th February 2017

There are two kinds of Valentine’s Day... either...

a) A wonderful day to celebrate the love you have for another individual with whom your eternal and unconditional passion lies within. Or...

b) Netflix, crying, Ice Cream, more crying and a quick trip to the gym to ensure none of that just decreased your chance of escaping loneliness even further.

If you were a member of option A, then hurrah! You know what you should really do? Get married, or even better, get married and have an excellent wedding band in Cumbria, or even better than that, get married and book The Fusion Dukes for guaranteed arena-level entertainment, classic songs both old and new, male and female vocals and a backbone of musicianship to make your toes wobble.

If that option has already been taken (and one of you said yes) then you’re probably here because you think we look like the perfect choice for your wedding entertainment... and you would be absolutely correct.

We’ve been busy perfecting our show and arranging some little teaser videos for you. One thing we have always taken as a given is a high level of show production. However, we realised that we haven't really spelled out to potential clients exactly how much they actually get in terms of a show and live production. So we thought it was worth showing you...

Well wasn't that exciting? We had some footage and audio taken from a live gig and pieced it together to show you exactly what you’re getting when you book The Fusion Dukes for your wedding or event. What you see above comes with us for EVERY gig. Not only do you get the finest of musicianship, with songs fused together and mashed up into ‘eras’ such as 80s, R&B and Modern Hits, but you now also get 20 fully automated lighting fixtures that move, pulse and stab to every beat, drop and build so you can feel that music more than ever before. Concert grade PA with a smoother bass than melted chocolate and a truly tight and dynamic live band make The Fusion Dukes a truly epic band for your evening.

So if you or your significant other has said yes, and you’re booking the band: have a glance through our promotional material and book a date. You’ll be amazed.


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