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The Fusion Dukes' New Years Resolution List

Monday 15th January 2018

A Happy New Year to you all! And so it has come to be that we find ourselves lodged firmly within 2018.

Its been 15 days and already we’ve found ourselves writing the wrong date, on average, about 4 times a day. Living the reality of being the busiest wedding band in Cumbria doesn't leave you much time to compute such complexities.

2017 seems but a distant memory, as we scroll past black and white flickers of gigs long-gone on our instagram, we look ahead to the already thrilling locations and venues we’re set to visit and entertain.

But with the new year comes the classic “New Year, New Me” idiom... and were playing right into it.


• Wear more Paisley, everyone likes paisley

• Add to the already dynamite setlist with even more wonderfully classic retro tunes and some more recent hits that have withstood 2017.

• Consume less coffee, 5 cups a hour day is too much.

• Play in the highlands of Scotland (note: We’re set to achieve this in January, so that’s good going already, We’ve upgraded this to the shetlands)

• Try and slap another 20,000 miles on the band van

• Consume more coffee, actually

• Successfully attempt the high-note in Daniel Bedingfield’s “If You’re Not The One” (wear the tight jeans)

• Try and figure out which songs from 2017 will remain as prominent tracks and pinpoints of socialistic culture for generations to come and perhaps add those into the setlist rather than the more disposable weekly audio thumbnails of time.

• Coffee more consume

• Definitely not learn “Shape Of You”, let’s leave that in 2017

• Replace the band mascot (Assange the Blancmange is going a bit fluffy)

• Replace guitar solos with ‘spoons’ solos (your turn, Calvin)

• Continue to provide stellar entertainment featuring a packed lightshow and arena-level experience.

• Resist the urge to buy more lights

• Resist the urge to buy more guitars

• Sell extra lights to buy more guitars

• Extend vocal range for canine audience members

Well that’s about it, obviously some of those pointers are a bit satirical (we’re obviously not going to stop buying guitars!) but most of all what’s important is keeping ourselves polished and tight for the year ahead, ensuring your event is that absolute best it can be... and your audience can’t stop talking about ‘that’ band!

The Fusion Dukes

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