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So Many Flavours!

Wednesday 07th June 2017

It’s insane just how much time flies. We have circled the earth one entire time since our rebrand - joining forces with Tailored Entertainment and cementing our reputation as one of the very best wedding bands in Cumbria. What a year it’s been!

During that time we’ve fine tuned our setlist even more to contain ‘pure belters’. However, with great power comes great responsibility and we are always careful to not excite the audience so much that the walls implode and chaos reigns... although that is quite difficult to resist!

With these set-list alterations comes an even bigger and better Fusion Dukes experience, so how does one show everyone just what they can expect from The Fusion Dukes? Well, we came up with a solution. Just like your favourite tub of Neapolitan, we have assigned ourselves a few “flavours”.

At each show, we play nothing but unequivocally challenged hits from various segments of the music world. Mainly focusing on Pop & Groove, we get to cherrypick the greater songs and merge them into a musical event band experience unlike any other. We have 80s classics, Modern Hits, R&B/Hip Hop Grooves and Retro Pop to spare and we thought we’d shoot some videos to show you those fine four flavours.

Flavour One - Modern Hits (Shockolate)

Designed to bring the latest hits to your ears as you’ve never quite heard them before, we add that little retro-sauce to make them that bit sweeter. With our punchy and tight sound, you can imagine these sound even better in the flesh. We bring that tinge of rock & groove to everything we do, giving you not just a live band, but your arena-level band for one night.

Flavour Two - R&B/Hip Hop (Mint Hop Hip)

Just like anyone, we love a timeless groove. Thats why we put together things such as this; a yomp through some dance floor R&B classics to set the floor on fire. And when that first song hits, you can be sure that your audience will be screaming along, right up until that infectious plod of the Chorus. WARNING: Bridesmaids may become uncontrollably funky during this part of the set. Also, the light show really sets this on fire...

Flavour Three - 80s Classics (Then & Jerry’s)

Just like anyone, we love throwing out some of those older pop/rock classics from the 80s. Not your typical choices, we go for those "oh damn, no they didn’t" moments. As soon as that first riff hits, it becomes a hot bed of musical satisfaction on the floor.

Flavour Four - Retro Pop (Fleetwood Mac’n’Cheese) These are the tried and tested greats. Representing the forefront of retro-music lovers, these are some choice tunes from the 70s & 80s pop era. And when we kick into ‘Dreams’, not only does the crowd go wild, but the groove is thick. The light show really sets the tone on this one...

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call today to book the ultimate Cumbria Wedding Band

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