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Our Summer Highlights

Thursday 22nd September 2016

Being part of one of the finest rock, pop and soul wedding and event bands in the Lake District & the UK certainly has it’s perks. Whether it’s seeing some beautiful scenery, playing in a quirky environment or the every-day encounter of a great audience, we certainly enjoy all the flavours touring the country has to offer!

So we thought we’d put together a little blog with some reports from the field. Here’s some of the best moments we’ve had during the summer of 2016.

No. 1 “Herefordshire Show”

We played a wonderful show for some guests at Lemore Manor in Herefordshire. As well as one of the finest spaces to perform in, the scenery and staff were spectacular. Everyone in the workforce was equally as thrilled by the sets as the guests and we can’t wait to go back.

Check out a snippet of our show HERE, beware of the rather awesome sounding snare in that marble room, though!

No. 2 “Aspatria Music Festival

At the beginning of summer we played a monster set for the wonderful people at AMF, a large music festival in Cumbria. In a rare occasion to play a public show, we felt right at home getting the tent hot and steamy during one hell of a set of our favourite songs to play.

It was during this that we shot our latest promotional piece, which you can watch HERE.

No. 3 “Rohsygilwen”

We had one of the tallest and acoustically beautiful rooms we’ve ever played in during our travels this summer. Not to mention a crowd that were nothing short of incredible to play for! Our setup really shone in this setting and we had a great time playing for the people.

And we also received one of the most complimentary testimonials we have ever got as a wedding band.

No. 4 “South Harting”

A few things made our most recent show extra-special, not only was it one of the furthest from home-turf, but it was also quite the wonderful crowd and setting. It was also one of the first shows where we had gotten to use our new “Lumi-Sign” courtesy of the band genius & drummer, Steven. Check it out:

Pretty cool, we think you'll agree?! We also played some acoustic covers in the afternoon before the evening gig which was wonderful in the summer sunshine.

No. 5 “Everything Else!”

Ultimately, every gig is a complete new experience. To tie them together would not match up with the way The Fusion Dukes treat their craft. Every show is a new venue, every show is a varying palette of tastes that we adjust our set and style to. Ultimately our one goal and thrill is giving the best to each and every client and audience. This in return makes every single show we do a delight to be a part of, so to finish off our top moments, here’s a small gallery of our favourite images from our instagram account. Make sure to follow us and keep track of our movements and snaps, we’ll see you out there!


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