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Our Fantasy Set List

Monday 12th March 2018

Ah, march. A wonderful time of year where chocolate is ne’er scarce and the wedding season begins!

We have a tonne of places we’re looking forward to visiting this year and are already suiting up for another summer of being the Cumbria wedding band of choice for a bunch more happy couples. Albeit...last week was pretty cold. Calvin has wind shear on his cheeks and Emma’s wedges didn’t quite make it through the -7.5 temperature up here in the Lake District.

I digress.

The cold had me thinking; you know how people play fantasy league? Well we’re not really a sport/football band, so we got to thinking: ‘what if we had a fantasy set list, listing songs we usually wouldn’t play but absolutely would in another universe?’.

Some of the following ideas are fantasy setlist additions that are just plain whacky, too slow and intense, or not energy-appropriate to play as The Fusion Dukes (although, have a look for our alt/jazz alter-ego band; “The Contusion Flutes”).

However, some of them could actually happen. Have a read and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

1. More Male/Female Classics

We’re talking about Deacon Blue, Talking Heads, Fleetwood Mac and even the B-52s. Maybe not altogether (although who wouldn’t want to hear dignity go straight into Love Shack?). Although we usually bring our unique sound to songs regardless of the number of singers, focussing in on some of these may just make that 10/10 live show an 11.

2. Spandex Medley

Calvin (man on bass guitar) really loves hair metal. However, it doesn’t make it’s way into his life anymore, hence his desire for a revival. Personally, I don’t think his idea of hair metal versions of “build me up buttercup” straight into a 6 minute edit of “owner of a lonely heart” is quite for our demo. He’s just afer the spandex. It’s obvious.

3. Nostalgia Mashup

Now, hear us out. How about if we played songs from the movies from 90s to recent? The Matilda-garnished “Send Me On My Way” into Bridget Jones’ “All By Myself” may just be what the millennial generation is afer. Plus Emma can sport the pyjamas and wine glass, and I can give that Mrs Trunchbull outfit a run out (finally).

4. Old School songs made modern

A guitar-driven and beat laden medley of everything from “Chattanooga Choo Choo” through to “Straighten up and fly right”. You know that that is some ‘winning-BGT-level’ thinking, right there.

5. An entire 2 hours of Toto’s “Africa”

THE song. The only song that ever songed the hardest. There’s something about that cowbell, that beat, that keyboard sound that could have us lulling from side to side, dying to scream out the infamous “IT’S GONNA TAKE ALOT” for hours. But alas, it’s just too slow to play at corporate events and weddings. Off into the fantasy setlist you go, old friend. For those longing to lose themselves in a vintage synth bath for 10 hours, the internet has you covered;

We know what you’re thinking. All of those ideas are pretty undoable apart from one. And we’re thrilled to announce that yes indeed, we will be adding a ‘2 hours of Africa by Toto” option to our repertoire. Cant wait to see how many people pick it!

See you on the road, everyone.


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