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New Year, New Setlist!

Wednesday 01st February 2017

Well, well well...

My, hasn't 2017 been good to us so far? And yet it’s about to get even better as we have some previews of our new repertoire just for you. Yes. Just for you.

We had a little work through adding some more current “belters” to our musical lineup in a bid to keep ahead of the game and to ensure that you sleep easy, trusting that The Fusion Dukes will keep that fond mix of classics both old and new that will have your audience begging for more. Have a listen to some of our new tunes via our latest live recordings HERE.

In fact, after our first few shows with the new set, it works so well that we’ve had chair upholsterers all over the country congratulating us for ensuring no one sits down during the whole show, thus saving wear and tear on that much-coveted velvet or gingham!

As well as some new audio recordings from our sold-out public show the other day, we also have some little teaser videos on the way via our instagram, so make sure you head over and follow us to keep watch on all the new content coming your way.

Did we also mention that unlike most acts we have a completely mind- blowing lighting setup? With the new set list and carefully orchestrated mashups, we now also have a full setup of 20 fully automated lights that bring even more of that arena/stadium experience to your event. With every hit, slam and bass drop tuned to the movement of the lights, you can feel that music even closer than before.

Did we also mention that you can see this setup and some more bits and bobs by watching our livestream from one of our latest shows? Head over to our Facebook Page and watch some clips of it here. We know you’ll love it.

All this and we’re only a few weeks in? What a year. From all of us here at TFD-HQ, have a wonderful January and we’ll see you out there!


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