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Meet 'That Band'.

Wednesday 15th March 2017

We know... It’s been a long day.

You’ve been trudging along the internet, so eagerly trying to find 'that band' for your event.

You’ve googled "best band in the uk", "incredible wedding band" or "stellar corporate entertainment" and you still haven’t found the band that made you slam down your coffee, grab both sides of the table and scream "YES".

Your wait is over...

You clearly should have googled "World’s greatest event band", "intercontinental music machine" or perhaps "unique epic wedding band" from the start and you would have found us a lot sooner.

The year ahead is looking bold and exciting. With brand new hit songs added to our vibrant repertoire (already incredibly affluent in musical pleasure) and a new touring production setup that will bring an arena-level experience to your event, we’re more equipped than ever to fill your dance floor from start to finish.

It’s a daunting task isn't it? The Bride or Groom needs to be thrilled and trust that you picked the right band. The board need to sleep easy knowing that you have been handed the task of finding the musical group that will enable them to indeed, groove the night away. It’s a position of responsibility. Like when the designated car-music-device is passed to you and you know that the song you select to play next will either crush the atmosphere for the next 4 hours of your journey to Skegness or send you on your merry way into the heavens. There can be no doubt, and no complications. We’re here to help.

Let us introduce the four Dukes that are here to thrill and entertain you and your guests:

Emma “The Duchess” Dockeray

She brings the sass and the soul (in a small shock mounted flightcase so as not to disturb it during its journey). With her soaring vocals and incredibly rich tone, Emma has something truly fresh and unique. Whether it’s a rich and soulful song through “Aint No Sunshine” or a flawlessly pitched holler through “Bump & Grind” she brings the goods every time.

Steven “The Brain” Norman

The main man when it comes to hitting things properly. He also plays the drums. More than just the musician that keeps time and adds some rather edgy grooves to our classic tunes, Steven is our sound and light systems designer. He’s utilised his excessive knowledge of light and sound to give The Fusion Dukes a dynamic edge; a fully automated, moving light show that matches every drop, stab and swing so you can feel the music more than ever before. And when it gets to that drum solo, things get rather exciting.

Calvin “The Colonel” Thornborrow

Forced out of the army for 'dropping too much bass', Calvin is the fine five fingered fella on the four-string. He provides the solid backbone to our vibe-focussed arrangements with his phenomenal playing and his rather chocolatey bass tone. He knows when to pull it back and groove, and he knows when to kick it up. His bass solo in 'My Generation' is one to watch out for...

Brad “The Duke” Kavanagh

Brad is a modern enigma. Seemingly smiley and approachable, on stage he becomes an animal. With a flying falsetto and an edgy lower register, he gives the songs you love something a bit special whilst still paying a respectful homage to the original. His feel for musical arrangement and crowd pleasing gives The Fusion Dukes even more formidability to make that audience go wild.

There really are no other foursomes that can render this epic show. So slam down that coffee, grab the side of the table and scream "YES". You just found your band, and we can’t wait to play for you...


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