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Hot, Hot, Hot

Thursday 12th July 2018

The summer heatwave is upon us and we find ourselves frolicking among the sun and sand. But with the hot weather comes the typical staples of the looming “hosepipe ban” and the regular reminders that Bassists really do die in hot cars.

As with all shows, finest and most epic function band in Cumbria will provide you with a free first dance request that is not currently on our repertoire. May we suggest some excellent first dance suggestions to help you embrace the summer weather? Here’s five of the best songs for the 30 degree heat...

1. Disco Inferno - The Trammps

Sing this disco classic whilst you watch the cake melt and the dance floor illuminate with the blinding sun. And always be aware that cake pops are not eh answer on days like this. However, Pimms and lemonade will certainly do the trick.

2. Let’s Go Sunning - Jack Shaindlin

A somewhat archaic classic. Any video game fans able to spot where this was given it’s second wind? This is one for the pinstripe umbrellas and a jolly soirée in the orangery at Inn On The Lake.

3. The Heat Is On - Glenn Frey

Sometimes the best way to address the blistering sun is to just run with it. If you plan on ripping off the veil, standing on the nearest table and booting the bouquet through the nearest window in a music-and-dance-fuelled rage then this is definitely the song for you.

4. Cool for Cats - Squeeze

If the heat is getting too much, then perhaps its time to take a “cooler” approach. Squeeze’s classic provides the much needed chill with a great snare sound and that ska-beat.

5. Africa - Toto

Nothing to do with heat. But it’s just such a good song...

To conclude, let’s be honest. When it’s 30 degrees and you’ve been in the dress all day, talking to guests and cutting the cake, a song wont actually make it any cooler. However, if you speak of ‘cool’ as a means of credibility and guaranteeing your guests will have one of the greatest live music experiences you can get... then you’ve already got that sorted by booking the finest Cumbria wedding band. Complete with lights, smoke and an epic sound, no matter what the heat brings.

See you out there! TFD

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